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Nicholas Clayhills

If you want to take steps to claim or defend a claim for owing or unpaid monies, we can protect and guide you through this process.

Money, goods or service agreements sometimes default or go wrong.  Recompense, claiming monies owed or quantifying claimable losses fall within this heading.

If you want to take steps to claim or defend a claim for owing or unpaid monies, we can protect and guide you through this process. Preferring to settle where possible and financially beneficial.

Disputes & Debt Recovery services we provide include:

– Preventative maintenance in reviewing your business contracts and standard terms & conditions;

– Sending pre litigation letters of demand, bringing a claim to a head;

– Organising mediation and before litigation dispute resolution;

– Starting legal action in NCAT, Local Court, District Court or the Supreme Court;

– Finding ways to end ongoing disputes quickly and cost effectively;

– Drafting terms of settlement; and

– Seizing documents or monies.

“When we bought our business in 2009, Nic Clayhills professionally guided the process to completion, there was no stone unturned. Four years later and Nic’s due diligence is invaluable. When we engaged Clayhills we didn’t understand that we would be forming one of our most important business relationships. Nic, over the years has successfully advised and represented us. I could not recommend Nic more highly”
  • “Family law conflicts are very difficult to negotiate both personally and to the non-lawyer confronted by the confusing legal system. Having previously had a very bad experience, we felt supported and properly advised in our journey through the family law system and continue to be most grateful to Kate and to Nic for providing us with state of the art professional and personal advice.”


    Clovelly, NSW

Common Disputes & Debt Recovery Questions

  • What about covering disputes & defaults in contracts?

    Dispute resolution focuses on the current dispute or default, and aims at fixing the problem dispute as soon as possible.  The resolution process usually escalates from inexpensive to complicated and costly: from party-to-party talks, through some form of mediation and finally to Court.

  • What happens on contract termination?

    A well written contract, deals with finishing the agreement with a smooth exit and/or handover of services.  The sudden termination by one party, often because of a breach or cash-flow problems, may be quite dramatic, because of the loss of a supply or service.  The lesson here is to be prepared and draft the contract in anticipation of the unexpected.