Buy & Sell Business

Look before you leap, when selling down part of your business or buying into an existing one. You don’t want any surprises down the track. Do you both share the same expectations?

Nicholas Clayhills

We advise on small to medium businesses and settle most business sales and purchases within two months of initial instructions.

“When we bought our business in 2009, Nic Clayhills professionally guided the process to completion, there was no stone unturned. Four years later and Nic’s due diligence is invaluable. When we engaged Clayhills we didn’t understand that we would be forming one of our most important business relationships. Nic, over the years has successfully advised and represented us. I could not recommend Nic more highly”
Each business may have a market or accounting value, but each buyer and seller have their own assessment of its worth. How did you come up with the value?

Yes, most business agreement are standardised. But a business is really a collection of distinct human resources, assets and liabilities. So, it’s the components that vary, each having their own unique characteristics for identification, value, tax, ownership and transfer. That is the true value in documenting a business buy/sell agreement.

Most small to medium business sales are completed within 2 to 3 months.

Common Buy & Sell Business Questions
What do I need to look out for in a business buy / sell agreement?
– true owners of the business;

– identify what assets are being sold;

– who owns the assets and where they are;

– restrictions on your ability to buy/sell;

– funding and buy out issues;

– employment and human resources needs and protection; and

– timing and guarantees.