Child Support

The parent with most care of the children can usually collect child support from the ex-partner, with Government assistance

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We help you work out what payment obligations exist and how to understand them in the overall scheme of a property settlement and financial separation.

Child support may come in the form of child maintenance (via the Court) or support through the Child Support Agency (CSA).

There are CSA calculators to help you estimate child support payments you would receive. Sometimes the amount can be increased, for example to include school fees.

Child Support is an Australia-wide parent-to-parent compulsory payment system, calculated to factor in varying degrees of care and support provided by parents and carers of children. The paying parent’s declared tax assessed income is used as a basis of payment calculation.

Common Child Support Questions

How is child support calculated?
Both parents’ income, expenses and time with the child/ren are inputted into pre-set formulae and an assessment is determined by the child support agency and advised to both the paying parent and receiving parent.
Can parents / careers opt out and make private child support payment arrangements?
Yes, provided they meet certain criteria and are properly documented.
What about special cases, such as private school fees?
It is possible to vary the assessed child support to take into account agreed private school fees.